Terms and Conditions

This is the “small print”.  We have tried to our terms and conditions as simple and painless as possible, but we have found that some are essential.

1.    Booking

1.1.     We require a 10% 1 when a booking is accepted.  This is non-refundable if less than 2 days notice of cancellation is given.

1.2.     We reserve the right to cancel a booking due to events beyond our control.  Should this happen, we will refund the deposit in full but have no further liability
1.3     Full payment must be made prior to final departure- in cash, by cheque ,BACS or Paypal ,credit or debit cards

3.    Occupancy
3.1.     Rooms will generally be available from 4pm on the day of arrival, unless by prior request  and must normally be vacated by 11am on the day of departure.  Luggage can be stored for short periods outside these times by prior arrangement.
3.2.     The number of people occupying a room must not exceed the number specified at the time of booking.

4.    Loss or Damage to Property
4.1.     We do not accept, nor cannot be held liable, for any loss or damage to guests’ property or possessions.
4.2.     Vehicles may be parked on our property but entirely at the owner’s risk.
4.3.     Guests causing disruption to other guests, or to the management, will be asked to leave at once.  If this happens, then the guest(s) in question will be liable for their bill in full.
4.4.     Breakages or damage must be paid for at the time.
4.5.     Items removed from the property without the consent of the management will be reported to the police.
4.6.    Any guests found to possess illegal substances will be asked to leave the premises immediately.  If this happens, then the guest(s) in question will be liable for their bill in full.

5.    Complaints
5.1.     If a guest has a complaint about our service or standards, then please make this known to us as soon as possible.  This must be before the end of the stay if any redress is to be made.

Please note that we operate a strict non-smoking policy throughout our premises.

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