The Greenest B and B in Pembrokeshire!

What a claim! Just made for someone to contradict but we are confident they cant.Our wood pellet boiler is now installed ,  a massive 100kw Froling  P4 Pellet  boiler from  germany supplied and fitted by Green Warmth in Haverfordwest. This has replaced both our oil boiler previously used for central heating and the gas boiler, used for hot water.  So now we just use a little gas for cooking and grid electricity for lighting and the biomass pumps. However this is more than covered by the surplus generated by the PV panels installed 18 months ago so we’re pretty much carbon neutral now. Not only that but we have a wood burning cooker which also heats some water , installed about six years ago. So who will take up the challenge? We also think we may only the second bed and breakfast in Wales to install a biomass boiler.

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