Another fantastic weekend of fiddle inspiration, thanks Mairi Campbell

Some feedback on the fiddle weekend – held in November -what a privilege to be part of this.

……Most recently we saw Mairi Campbell on 10th Nov.  We hadn’t come across her music before, and were absolutely blown away by its beauty. We have been coming to Pembrokeshire for over 40 years, and we never get tired of it.  It is the most magical part of Britain, and it has really enriched our experience of the area to have discovered Cuffern Manor!   (Andy and Mary)
1. The relaxed but focussed (some of the time!) atmosphere with the presence of the pendulum in the corner ( I really hope you can bring Pulse to Wales Mairi )The mix of tunes which I really loved and what we learned through looking at playing them so thoughtfully – for me a lot of physical awareness.Has to be Trevor and Terry waltzing with each other before breakfast as we tried to remember the steps of Ffarwel i’r Marian!!  It was a great weekend, thank you to everyone especially Mairi,Jules and Jayne.I’m still on a high after the weekend. It was just great sharing, creating and supporting each other.  (Caroline)

My recent Wales trip  Mairi Campbell

I’m just back from a fiddle retreat in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It was a hoot. Everyone brought a Welsh tune for us to work on together. Scottish and Welsh tunes seem to have a similar history; difference versions of the same music. The folk scene is much smaller in Wales, but it’s rich with people really passionate about the music. At the evening concert, Nia Harris, an old pal, played cello alongside me, which was lovely. We played Smile or Cry together and Nia played some Bach.

Thank you also to Jules and Jayne who hosted the event at their hotel. If you’re looking for a fab place to stay in Pembrokeshire check out Cuffern Manor.
I’d love to bring Pulse to Wales and tour it around. We had a little session in the pub at the Druidstone, a great big atmospheric old house on the rocks overlooking the sea. I’d love to go back there and play a concert. If anyone knows of any opportunities then please do get in touch. Likewise in Scotland and further afield. I’m still feeling Wales in my bones!  What a special place.  I got home fine, after visiting the Pricilli hills briefly.  It was too dark to find a stone when we got there but Stefan the stone man will now bring a stone to Scotland.  It was great to meet you all and spend time sharing around music.  Your openness and willingness to go with my notions was much appreciated.  I hope you found something new and interesting and a bit of juice for your music in the months ahead.

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for having me down again and setting up such a lovely course.  It was great to see everyone again and meet new faces too.

Hello everyone and thank you for your lovely company at the fiddle weekend!  I came away with a long list of things I need to work on and happy memories of making and sharing music and dance together – although Trevor wasn’t much of a waltzer! My three memories among many are….- Mairi’s beautiful voice,- waiting for you lot to get back from the pub ( must have been a good sesh!)- Stefan’s tune, the banks of the allen.   It’s a beautiful tune and I have 12 months to get up to Stefan’s standard before the next fiddle weekend :)Thanks also to Jane and Jules for the warm welcome and excellent foodDiolch i bawb! (Terry)

  1.      Singing and dancing to one of Trevor’s Italian tunes.
    2. Terry and Caroline singing Myfanwy at the session on Saturday.
    3. The trip to the beach.
    It was a brilliant weekend, with generous people, an excellent venue and a talented, inspirational  teacher. (Lynn)

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